Active Learner Program-Kindergarten


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Active learner Kindergarten program caters to the age group 4 to 5 yrs. The curriculum includes a Bachpan talking book set, speak-0- Pen, an activity planner, regularly scheduled learning classes with doubt clearing sessions, and a yearly subscription of the learning app – Priprefect that assists learning with the help of learning videos, e-books, downloadable worksheets, etc.


The package includes the following books – 

Book Kit –

  1. Interactive Maths Book
  2. Environmental Studies – EVS
  3. Interactive English Book
  4. Shabd Rachna
  5. Book of Activity Sheets
  6. Rhymes and Stories
  7. Color me Book
  8. Let’s Practice Cursive Writing Book

Stationery Kit –

  1. English Notebook 
  2. Maths Notebook
  3. Hindi Notebook
  4. Pencil Pouch
  5. Combined Notebooks
  6. Drawing Book’
  7. Scrap Book
  8. Wax Colours 
  9. Pencil Colours 


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