Self Learner Program

About this Course

Courses: Pre nursery ( 1.8 - 3 years ), Nursery ( 3 - 4 yrs), Kindergarten ( 4 - 5 Yrs )
Course Duration: Complete academic year
Course Type: Self learning model
Price: Rs.9999
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Course Features

Self learner program has been developed to provide flexible learning mode for parents and children. This is self learning module which is designed to incorporate easy & effective teaching – learning methodology. It includes Complete Bachpan book Set ,stationary kit with speak – o -pen and talking books for linguistic skill development. A learning application with e-books, Learning videos , and digital worksheets to provide a flexible learn time.  This package will include an activity calendar to make the learning fun and productive for the little ones.

Sensory skills- Developing visual discrimation and recognition. Developing sense of touch. 

Motor Skills- Improving hand and eye coordination and concentration. 

Language skills- Developing speaking skills and improving pronunciation. 

Intellective/Cognitive skills– Improving memory and recognition of number and alphabets

Book Kit Part 1 –

  1. My First Words- My World
  2. 3 in one Book
  3. Transport Book
  4. My First Numbers
  5. Fruits Book
  6. Vegetable Book

Book Kit Part 2 – 

  1. Learn 1,2,3.. Counting Book 
  2. Rhymes & Stories
  3. Learn A,B,C Book
  4. Pattern with Activity 
  5. Dekho, Padho aur SeekhoHindi Book)
  6. My Picture Book
  7. Colour Me Book 
  8. Book of Activity Sheet 

Stationary Kit –

  1. Pencil Pouch
  2. Combined Notebooks
  3. Drawing Book’
  4. Scrap Book
  5. Wax Colours 
  6. Pencil Colours

Book Kit –

  1. Aao Sikhen Ka Kha , Ga Learn
  2. Play with Advance Maths
  3. G.K Book
  4. Cursive Writing – A,B,C
  5. Colour Me Book
  6. English Work Book
  7. Book of activity Sheets 
  8. Rhymes and Stories

Stationary Kit –

  1. Pencil Pouch
  2. Combined Notebooks
  3. Drawing Book’
  4. Scrapbook
  5. Wax Colours 
  6. Pencil Colours 

Book Kit –

  1. Interactive Maths Book
  2. Environmental Studies – EVS
  3. Interactive English Book
  4. Shabd Rachna
  5. Book of Activity Sheets
  6. Rhymes and Stories
  7. Colour me Book
  8. Let’s Practice Cursive Writing Book

Stationary Kit –

  1. English Notebook 
  2. Maths Notebook
  3. Hindi Notebook
  4. Pencil Pouch
  5. Combined Notebooks
  6. Drawing Book’
  7. Scrap Book
  8. Wax Colours 
  9. Pencil Colours

Learning Outcome

Learning Skills
Linguistic Skills
Fun Activities
Sensory Skills

The deliverables included in the program are beneficial for the overall development of the children. 

Speak-o-Pen– this device has been designed to help children learn right phonics focusing on the language skills and making the child independent. The talking pen has been mapped with all the books making it an ideal replacement for screen time. 

Priperfect App– A learning application which has been mapped with our in-house curriculum.This application allows you to access all the subject content digitally. To assist the children ,we provide content specific learning videos with downloadable worksheets and e-books for easy access. 

Exclusives Webinars- webinars for parents by experts and specialists.