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Get School Ready!


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About the Program

BachpanLive has always been up to the expectations of the parents and we have prepared this program amid the variations in need of different activities. We understand your concern and needs for the complete growth and education of your kids.

We are excited to announce our new program ‘Get School Ready’, which will take your child learning a step ahead, as they get ready towards their formal school education. This will provide additional options to the parents along with our three previous programs. It is a virtual preschool program that has been developed to replicate the preschooling experience at the comfort of your home. It includes a complete Bachpan book-Set, a stationery kit with speak-o-pen, and talking books for linguistic skill development. You will be benefited from a learning application that provides e-books, Learning videos, and digital worksheets to provide a flexible learning time. Kids will be certified on their performances and get boosted to do better. We understand the importance of giving answers to the parents and thus included 6 parenting webinars in the program for an interactive experience. We have tried to compile the services into a proper learning program that focuses on the holistic development of the child through planned virtual events, visits, and activities as well.

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Skills Developed

1.Sensory Skills

Sensory Skills

The program caters to the need of developing visual recognition. It also Improves concentration & Listening skills and works well on the sense of touch.

2. Motor Skills

Motor Skills

The activities in the program monitor the growth of hand-eye coordination and creativity. It looks after the strengthening of hand muscles and the improvement in fine motor skills. Kids can learn the art of recognizing shapes and colours.

3. Language Skills

Language Skills

The program continuously makes the children develop their speaking skills and improve their pronunciation. It works on the communication and expression of the child.

4. Cognitive skills

Cognitive skills

Teachers arrange activities that can improve memory and recognition of numbers and alphabets in a child along with developing thinking skills.

5. Social Skills

Social Skills

The program is designed for the growth of public speaking and social skills of a child. With the help of this program, kids start understanding and expressing emotional values and follow adequate etiquette of society.


360 support app

360 support app

Get answers to all your questions under a user-friendly app.

Recorded classes

Recorded classes

Can’t learn completely on a one-go? Record and revise for better understanding!



Because every effort deserves applause and special efforts deserve recognition.

Book Set

Book Set

Never Let your kids stay away from the books in search of digital learning.

Speak o pen


Learning seems fun when the books do the talking with kids.

Learning app

Learning app

The summary of everything under a single platform for you and your kids.



Event planner

Event planner

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