Impact of Online Learning on Conventional School Education

Online education has gained popularity among students as well as professionals pursuing higher education. Parents may not know but online courses call for great motivation and self-discipline than classroom-based education. A classroom has one or more instructors that can hold a student responsible for their coursework. In contrast, online courses or live home-school classes online involve setting up goals, tracking progress, and deadlines. Since a child cannot learn effectively in isolation, online courses provide discussion forums, one-on-one support, and e-mails. With advanced technology, a kid can effectively learn and communicate for a visual experience.


A school provides support, structure, and a system of perks and penalties to groom its students. We all are aware that traditional school education provides face-to-face interaction with mentors and peers. Education in school offers students, especially those who are in their early phase, a stable environment for developing skills such as social interaction, boundary setting, and empathy. It gives them room for spontaneity which may not be possible during online classes.

live home-school classes online


As students progress to a higher class, they seek intellectual and autonomy freedom. Online learning helps students pursue high-quality learning programs. They get to experience hands-on exercise, thorough assessment, and real-world exploration, all together beneficial for their learning progress. Mobile applications that offer better learning opportunities for school children have become quite popular since they have found their way into kids’ hands, these applications are being used for add-on classroom learning. Parents and teachers are also required to act as mentors, curating the educational content students are exposed to.

You can consider enrolling your kid for a live virtual preschool program that offers a perfect blend of conventional systems with online education. There are programs that offer home-school classes for children through the online course material. Such programs bring parents and teachers into their kid’s world, doing so really encourages your kid.

Online learning programs, you may not realize at first but open up numerous opportunities for kids, especially from the weaker social-economic sector. This means, with a good internet connection, those who have limited access to learning resources can get exposure to new and better perspectives. With so many benefits, more and more parents are switching to online learning education.

Online preschool classes offer your kid a head start on learning basic writing, reading, and cultural skills, giving them time to practice in areas that need growth. With an affordable fee structure, we ensure that more families get access to quality childhood education for their kids.

If you wish to enroll your kid in a live preschool education program, Bachpan Live is here for you with a passion to educate. Our teachers guide and support children’s thinking through different teaching methodologies. With the right technology, it is easier for us to reach out and impart quality education.

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