A Parent’s Guide to Preschool Curriculum

From learning how to take turns to learn to count to 10, preschool plays a key role in a kid’s life as it sets them on a path of discovery. By the time your little one graduates from Pre-K, they will learn a lot. The whole span of lessons and content that your kid will learn during the course of education is what’s called the Preschool Curriculum.

Now, the question that occurs a lot in parent’s heads is, “what curriculum should I use?” or “How should we schedule our life?” Well, you must know that preschool provides amazing content but if you are signing up your kid for live homeschool classes online, you may want to schedule your life accordingly. You may not realize it at first but you will have great fun and a wonderful time with your kid during some of the learning activities. As per the latest studies, it has been proven that playing is how kids wish to learn, and it actually is helpful. You may have to take some time out of your work life to engage with your child to set and meet the goals later.

Now, here are some tips that you may want to consider in order to ensure that your kid will stay on the right path with the preschool curriculum at home

Reading is vital: If your child can read, let them read to you in that cute little manner. However, you should read to your child as it will help them learn new words. In case your kid is interested, it is advised to extend the reading by cooking a dish that was mentioned somewhere in the book or make a craft with them to fuel their curiosity. There are so many benefits of reading, so try engaging your kid in reading activities.

Play with LEGO: Or in other words, Lincoln Logs or Building Blocks, really help your little ones to work on their motor skills.

Visit Museums: Now, don’t let the world fool you, by the museum, we mean, the ones that are appropriate for their age. Take your kid on a field trip over a museum that will help them learn about new things- places, animals, birds, space, and more.

Go to a Park: Yes, playing outdoors helps kids attain a natural balance between the natural and technological world. It is important for you to ensure that your little one explores and sees our environment instead of staring at the 6” inch screen all day.

With so many fun activities, your kid will experience a wonderful growing phase, you can enroll your little one’s name for live online kindergarten classes at Bachpan Live- a trusted online education program striving to provide nothing but quality early childhood education.

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