Is Your Child Ready For Formal Schooling

Is your child old enough to start learning in a school?  Are you thinking of enrolling your child in a primary school to start their skillful learning?  Well, if you are planning to, then you are at the right place. Starting school is a huge step for kids. You may think your child can step […]

Should I Enroll My Kid For Online Learning?

Your child is growing too soon, and you have noticed the need of enrolling them into a school for quality learning. However, with health restrictions around us, chances are you might be in two minds about enrolling your little one for online schooling. It is justified for all parents to think of providing the best […]

Impact of Online Learning on Conventional School Education

Online education has gained popularity among students as well as professionals pursuing higher education. Parents may not know but online courses call for great motivation and self-discipline than classroom-based education. A classroom has one or more instructors that can hold a student responsible for their coursework. In contrast, online courses or live home-school classes online involve setting […]

Are Online Nursery Classes a Good Idea for Kids?

Pandemic has entirely affected the education system and many classes and institutes have converted to an online platform to maintain the flow of study and academics within the students so that the education system in India doesn’t get compromised. From small kids to young and adult students all have suffered in their studies, so many […]

How Do Nursery Online Classes Help In Virtue Learning At A Tender Age?

The paradigm change that has happened in the education sector in the last year has had tremendous consequences. Nobody could predict it. From shutting down physical schools to bringing an entirely new online classroom culture, people are baffled by it — thanks to the health scare that COVID has presented the world with. Some people […]

Preschool Learning Contributing To Early Childhood Growth

The ongoing pandemic due to the disastrous viral attack of the COVID-19 virus led us to stay at home for the sake of their health. Old to the young, everyone was bound to stay inside the cocoon of four walls for more than a year. But life does not stop, and so should not learning. […]

A Parent’s Guide to Preschool Curriculum

From learning how to take turns to learn to count to 10, preschool plays a key role in a kid’s life as it sets them on a path of discovery. By the time your little one graduates from Pre-K, they will learn a lot. The whole span of lessons and content that your kid will […]

Making Virtual Learning Exciting And Interesting For Your Child

The disastrous virus has not marked its ending yet, so did the monotonous virtual life we have been living for two years now. As important as it has been for adults to work virtually from home, it has been the same for kids taking virtual learning sessions from school and colleges. Adults understand the situation […]