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Welcome to Bachpan Live!

An online education program, conceptualized to provide quality early childhood education at the comfort of your home!

The vision behind Bachpan Live is the passion to educate. This virtual initiative is the brainchild of Bachpan, the top leading play-school chain of India. With technology and digitalization, it is easy to reach out and provide quality education as there are no geographical barriers.

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Our Vision!

Listen from the visionaries who have conceptualized the format of bringing the Bachpan Vibes to you, digitally. These videos would guide you through our journey from scratch and put some light on our vision and mission. We hope it helps you understand the process, mechanism, and deliverables of BachpanLive. The idea is to create a blend of comfort and growth in a single space. Education is the sharpest means of development that a child can have for shaping up the entire life. We have understood that in the modern world, we are surrounded by technology all around, so why not use it in a child’s education? Our vision and mission will answer each of your queries.

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Bachpan live provides a structured curriculum which is an amalgamation of teaching methodology of montessori activities integrated with innovative digital tools.

The In-house R & D team understands the importance of early childhood education as an essential building block of a child’s future success.The early years are the most extraordinary period of growth and development in a child’s lifetime. Our structured curriculum gives children a solid foundation upon which all learning depends on, making every stage of education that follows more efficient and more productive approach through project and skill based learning, preparing children for the future endeavours. Our inhouse developed curriculum offers a wide variety of audio – visual learning activities, worksheets and digital tools(all mapped with our study material) that will help them acquire necessary academic and social skills.

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